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Are you an ambitious woman who needs some structure and step-by-step guidance in achieving your unique goals?


Ready to get supercharged results in specific areas of your life or business? 

Check out my signature programs below.

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Soul-Aligned Strategy

Do you feel overwhelmed, stuck and confused on what action steps you need to take to create the income, impact and fulfillment you desire in your life + business?

Do the 5,000 entrpreneurial ideas in your head need to be implemented, you just don't know how to prioritize them or where to even begin? 

Do you feel like your dreams are so far out of reach because you just can’t seem to stick to a consistent plan of action. 

In this 4 - Hour VIP Intensive day we’ll create your Soul-Aligned Success Path and the specific action steps you need to start showing up consistently, taking inspired action and gaining the results you desire to achieve in any area of your life and business. 

 We'll work together to create a customized life + business strategy that allows you to gain crystal clarity, get focused on what's really working, and release anything keeping you stuck and spinning your wheels!

It's time to create that soul-aligned plan that allows you to transform your life and business into one that gives you the joy, freedom, fulfillment and income you truly crave! 



Skyrocket to Soul-Aligned Success

For the ambitious woman who is ready to achieve her goals with ease instead of stress, struggle, and hustle.

This is my signature program designed to guide you through the process of setting soul-aligned goals unique to you, working a step-by-step path to skyrocket your success, healing deep-rooted blocks that have held you back, and creating powerful alignment rituals that will help you tap into your inspiration to stay motivated to take action, Every. Single. Day!

Based on my (soon-to-be trademarked) Soul-Aligned Success System - this is my response to all those flimsy goal-setting courses floating around out there. The ones that are made for everybody and don’t get to the heart of what’s truly going on -the ones that stop ambitious women, like you, from already having the success you dream of!

If you’ve been struggling to see results for a while now - whether it’s business, fitness, relationship, or money goals, this course is for you. Even if your goals have eluded you for years.

The Skyrocket to Soul-Aligned Success coaching container is the holistic mind, body & soul goal-getting program that will help you FINALLY call in those dreams with more flow, ease, and fun! No willpower or discipline is required!

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Soul-Aligned & Ambitious

Are you looking for in-depth mindset training & healing balances that address the deep-rooted problems unique to you (an ambitious, heart-centered woman building success on her terms)?

Are you looking to connect with growth & success-minded women like you?

Are you wanting live coaching & healing support, but aren’t able to commit to a 1:1 package?

Soul-Aligned & Ambitious is for you!

This 12-month workshop series helps you solve the biggest challenges women like you face in their journey to success.

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Everyday Alignment

365+ days of healing & coaching support All in one spot.

For self-led women who don’t need coaching support or women who want small digestible ways to do the inner work.

The Healing Vault and Everyday Alignment program are designed to help you get powerful results a few minutes at a time.

Using my unique combination of energy healing modalities paired with coaching prompts, you’ll receive the energy balance, mindset shifts, and inspired action steps to integrate and heal on the deepest level.

So whatever area. of your life, you’re looking to change, improve or uplevel

- I got you!

Whether you want a guided 365-day total life transformation, or to pick and choose your healing journey.

This vault has every healing balance you’ll ever need to live an abundant, successful, free, fun & fulfilled life!

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Energy Overhaul

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Does every little obstacle feel like a momentous challenge because you’re never not exhausted. Are you consistently on the edge of burnout?

Do you feel like your dreams are so far out of reach because you just can’t seem to muster up the motivation or energy to get them going?

In this 4- Week course we’ll uncover all the ways you’re giving away your energy. I’ll show you simple ways to shift out of these negative patterns that keep you stuck and spinning your wheels.

And you’ll learn how to create rituals and routines that support the most energized vivacious version of you every single day!

It's time to transform your energy into a personal power source that keeps you lit up all day long! 

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Redefine to Align

Do you feel stuck and confused? Are you spinning your wheels on what to do next to achieve the success you desire for yourself? 

Are you ready for in-depth mindset training & healing balances that address the deep-rooted reasons holding you back from going after those goals?

Are you looking to connect with growth & success-minded women like you?

Do you enjoy a more intimate group setting for coaching & healing support?

Redefine to Align is for you!

This 4-week coaching + healing container helps you connect to your unique vision to success to design a life that lights you up!

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