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Each of my clients starts off with a 90-minute introductory session- This is a 3-part process that combines the discovery session, strategic coaching, and healing balance. 


During the introduction session, I learn all about you - your values, priorities, and goals, as well as what motivates you, and what has held you back from already achieving your desired results. 

From here we establish your unique Soul-Aligned Success Strategy - this is a custom-designed plan to achieve your specific desired results in an aligned, fun, and ease-filled way!

Once your strategy is in place, I provide an energy healing balance including Reiki and any other healing modalities that might be needed to release any blocks that come up that are preventing you from experiencing healing, growth, and of course, success

*Please note this is for new clients only. If you're an existing client requesting a session, please fill out the 1:1 session form!*


Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. It will ensure we optimize our time together during your session. Once you submit this form, you'll receive an email with a link to book into my calendar.

***By filling out this form I acknowledge that I am agreeing to the terms + conditions, purchase, and privacy policies. I also acknowledge and agree that I am ready to invest time, energy, and money at the current rate of $111 per session to work with Kristie Michelle Lammi. I also acknowledge and understand that these rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice.***

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