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Rose Quartz


The ethos of Rose Quartz is to align your tender heart softly yet energetically with true and loving compassion for yourself, your life, and others.

 Loving yourself, having confidence in your abilities and believing in yourself ultimately leads to attracting more money, more health, better relationships and more overall abundance and success. 

If you're out of alignment with self-love you might be feeling tired and uninspired, struggling with the willpower or discipline to stay consistent in showing up for your goals, and like you don't have the energy or bandwidth to do what it takes to be successful, leading to feelings of 'I'm not good enough." 

You might feel stuck or lacking in purpose- just going through the motions of the day-to-day. 

The good news is... rose quartz is here to the rescue - helping you align to the energetic vibration of love. Inviting you to invest in self-love, self-care, and staying connected to your inspiration and purpose - keeping you lit up and excited about life.

For further support - Energetic Alignment is one of the four areas of alignment I work with my clients on regularly to help them call in their success. 


I can help you in releasing energetic blocks and imbalances that keep you feeling burnt-out, fatigued, and unexcited about life. Get ready to wake up every single day feeling energized and inspired to make your dreams happen!

For all attendees of Galentine's Glam & Glow I'm offering: 

**50% OFF 

60-minute virtual coaching + healing session!** 

(regularly $111, now $55) 

**Discount applicable for first-time clients only. Discount applicable for one (1) session only. The session must be scheduled by April 30th.

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