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Are you a self-led ambitious woman seeking more balance and ease on your way to success?


Ready to uncover the energy blocks & limiting beliefs sabotaging your success and holding you back from your biggest goals? 

Get started with  customized coaching + healing sessions that meet your needs in the moment. 

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Who is 1:1 coaching
& healing for?

  • any woman strong enough to admit that something is missing from her life and is ready to invest in herself and ask for help.

  • the stressed-out, burnt-out, and frustrated lady seeking more balance, happiness, and inner peace on the way to her big goals.

  • those feeling stuck and seeking clarity through a step-by-step soul-aligned strategy to achieve their success.

  • they're looking to gain confidence and motivation to show up in a big way daily for her work, with others, and with herself. 

  • the woman wanting to build a business or start a new one (or looking to launch additional products or services within her existing biz).

  • any boss babe who's ready to get some serious solutions to the issues arising from big life or business changes.

  • they're the changemakers who have big dreams but struggle to achieve it all on her own (hint hint, we're not meant to!)

With the guidance, support, and strategies provided in my holistic healing + coaching sessions, you'll be skyrocketed to success!

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How coaching & healing services can help you?

  • Go from stuck to success - finally achieve those goals you keep setting for yourself every single year.

  • Have it all - ditch unhealthy hustle culture and create all the success you crave without sacrificing other areas of your life.

  • Lean into ease - replace overwhelm, stress and burnout with feelings of deep-rooted achievement knowing you're taking daily simple action steps in direction of your big dreams.

  • Get aligned guidance- receive individual holistic support that honors your mind, body, and spirit by tuning into your one-of-a-kind soul-led desires.

  • Swap worry and uncertainty for complete clarity - know exactly what the next step is to skyrocket you to the next level of success.

  • Instead of feeling like a failure - feel confident, empowered, excited, and full of belief that your beautiful wishes are already on their way to you.

  • Be the change - watch the ripple effects of your work inspire your friends, family members, and everyone around you - your success is contagious

It's time to invest in the tools, techniques, and strategies that will allow you to attract success from a soul-aligned place! 

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What to expect in a 1:1
coaching & healing session?

While each coaching session can be different, I do follow a consistent framework for all my coaching + healing sessions.

I use a unique blend of coaching techniques and energy healing modalities that address the whole person: mind+body+spirit.


This approach allows us to bring our whole being into alignment quickly and efficiently helping us maintain high levels of performance enabling us to achieve our goals faster and more efficiently.

During your session, we check in on where you are in your Soul-Aligned Success Strategy  (this is established in the introductory session)- discussing recent wins, struggles, and where you might be sabotaging yourself.

This helps us determine where you need support and establishes the focus of the session -honing in on areas that need healing.

I'll provide you with an energy healing balance that will help you release fears, ease stress, eliminate limiting beliefs, and leave you feeling calm, clear-headed, and confident to take action.

To close the session, we'll establish the next steps, areas that need more awareness, and tools, tips, or techniques to help you implement those next steps.


You'll leave each session inspired, educated, and empowered to get the results you desire!

It's time you experienced success in a way that honors all of you!  


Have more questions? I've got answers! 

See below to the commonly asked questions about Soul-Aligned Success and the different healing + coaching modalities I use to get my clients holistic results!

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Areas we can focus on for individual sessions...


  • Having a safe space to share struggles and seek support without fear of judgement. 

  • Uncover any hidden blocks sabotaging you - keeping you stressed out and stuck. 

  • Honing in on the goals that align with your soul, your values, and honor all areas of your life.

  • Crafting a customized Soul-Aligned Success Strategy based on your strengths, personality style, priorities, and values system.

  • Setting up support systems to help you stay aligned and inspired to take action every single day, overcome obstacles more quickly and achieve your desired success with more fun and ease. 


  • Reconnecting daily to your vision, intention and purpose, and learning how to stay laser-lock focused on it as you go after your goals.

  • Get crystal clear on your true desires and determine what being a Soul-Aligned Success truly means for you.

  • Learn to listen to your heart and tune into your intuition to make quick decisions that will inspire simple steps to success.

  • Know exactly what are the next steps to take to get you closer to your big dreams.


  • Understand your emotional patterns, and learn to process emotions that pop up whenever you step outside of your comfort zone, so you can sail right on through to success.

  • Reduce anxiety and stress - and banish burnout to start living a life of satisfying balance.

  • Create curiosity around your emotions and learn to stop punishing yourself for your feelings.

  • Cultivate the self-love, grace, respect and trust you need to confidently take action in the direction of your dream life.


  • Clear away the years of shame, sadness, anger, and fear that you're holding onto, so it can no longer hold you back.

  • Ditch the comparison, create compassion and stop judging yourself and beating yourself up on your success journey.

  • Pursue joy and ease in your daily life so you can celebrate, feel gratitude, and enjoy your journey - calling in those exciting results faster and with more fun!


  • Uncovering the real reasons you haven't already achieved your goals, and get the support to re-wire your mindset to help you succeed with more ease and inner peace.

  • Programming your mind to attract abundance and success in all areas of your life and career or business to start calling in your success at superspeed.

  • Eliminating limiting beliefs at the root allowing you to flip the script on negative self-talk and hone in on the positive inspirational thoughts you need to stay motivated to succeed.

  • Discovering how to tap into your unique abilities and focus on your strengths, and own your weaknesses (not ignore them), to gain confidence and achieve results faster.


  • Stepping into the daily embodiment and identity of a Soul-Aligned Successful Woman to show up an make those bold moves and increase your overall success, happiness, freedom, and fulfillment. 

  • Establishing simple success habits to help you tap into your signature energy and inspiration that help you perform at your best - so you can show up excited every single day instead of relying on discipline or willpower. 

  • Enact boundaries that are aligned with everything you want to accomplish, releasing yourself from over-giving, undervaluing yourself and taking on things that no longer serve you.

  • Increasing your energy levels to achieve higher productivity and efficiency in your life & business.



This is your permission slip to experience success the Soul-Aligned way!


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Ready to uncover what energy blocks are sabotaging your success and holding you back from your biggest goals? 


Get started with a private energy reading, healing and coaching session with me. 

Not your first rodeo, but you're seeking more balance and ease on your way to success?

Schedule a customized coaching + healing sessions that meet your needs in the moment. 

Want step-by-step structure and support to get you supercharged results in specific areas of your life?

Join me for a 3- month coaching + healing container and get my highest level of support. 

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