You've quit your corporate 9 to 5, built an incredible business to gain control of your life, eliminate the salary ceiling and spend more quality time with the ones you love, but lately you feel like your business is running you instead of you running it.

Your location independent laptop lifestyle is more often than not spent isolated in your home office pumping out content and fiddling with your funnels for 10 to 12 hours a day.



Hi, I'm Kristie!

Like you, I’m an ambitious, heart-centered female entrepreneur. I set out to impact the world with my online business and with a strong desire to create more freedom and income than my 9 to 5 had ever offered.

I hustled hard, giving my business everything I had (can you relate?) because it felt good to be of service to others, but the constant push to get my business off the ground left me emotionally drained and financially stretched. I was burnt-out.

It became clear that the old habits die hard. You see, I’d sacrified my health, my social life and time with my family by relentlessly climbing the corporate ladder. The pressure to succeed was so stressful, and the workload so exhausting, it lead to a dependency on anxiety medication. I just couldn’t take it any longer. {READ MORE…}


Despite leaving behind the daily stresses of my 9 to 5, I realized I was mirroring that behavior in my business and that wasn’t at all in alignment with the reason why I started my business in the first place.

It wasn’t until I had a gut check during a sob-filled journaling session that I discovered the disconnect. Almost a year into my business and I’d realized that I was no longer connected to my passion or my purpose. I wasn’t listening to my heart and I was denying myself the real joy of entrepreneurship.


What’s even worse is that I was ignoring my mind, body and soul as I put the pedal to the metal and allowed the stress to take over all aspects of my life. I was a slave to my business when all I wanted was to feel free and fulfilled…


Sound  familiar?


It was a long road of soul-searching and deep inner work before I finally realized I could trust my intuition and believe that I already had all the answers inside of me. I stopped searching for external gratification with the number of clients I enrolled and the dollars I had in the bank, and focused instead on living in alignment and putting myself first. Nearly instantly, my passion and purpose were restored… Now my business direction has never felt so clear. I’m effortlessly able to take actions to move forward in my business and I feel empowered to be my true authentic self and happily admit my real desires.



You can have ALL the freedom and fulfillment you’ve always craved RIGHT NOW, without halting the growth of your business!

I’m giving you permission to stop the exhausting 12 hour days as your health deteriorates and you can’t even remember the last time you saw your spouse, kids or BFF. I’m going to show you how to live in total alignment with your core beliefs about business and in sync with your life’s purpose as a freedom based entrepreneur, without sacrificing the dollars, the clients or the impact you desire to make.



  • living the freedom based lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about without sacrificing your income

  • feeling fulfilled by your work and knowing the value of the positive impact you’re having on your family, friends and clients each and every day

  • regaining your purpose and passion for your business and life so you literally jump out of bed fully energized to be living the life of your dreams

  • gain clarity on the direction of your business and being able to effortlessly take action to move your business forward

  • feeling empowered to be your real authentic self and tuned into your true desires


How different would your life look if you decided to stop stressing and start surrendering to the ease of success? That’s right - success doesn’t have to be a struggle.

The moment I stopped pushing, hustling and following what everyone else was doing, and tuned into what really lit me up as a heart-centered business woman, I relaxed and things started to flow.

I want you to have your dream life and dream business. One where you have success in all areas of your personal and professional life.

For me, my life completely changed, and my business took off when I stopped working myself to death and started investing in my self-care. Through working with a self-love coach, I was able to find freedom and fulfillment in my life through practicing self-care, self-love and honoring my journey and what my heart and soul was telling me.

Finally I had the support I’d been craving and the direction and clarity I’d been lacking. The more I invested in my self-care, the more confident I became and the more my success mindset strengthened. And I want to show you how I did it!



The truth is...

you'll never find freedom and fulfillment outside of yourself. only looking inward will reveal your path to true success.

If you continue seeking your happiness and independence through more time, money or other resources, you’ll never find it. But with simple processes that align you with self-love and your true purpose, I can show you how to find it...


Don’t continue down this path of burn-out and breakdowns. If you’re sick of the pushing and punishing yourself to achieve success and you can’t face another passionless day…

"Kristie has a genuine passion for supporting women in finding success and balance in life, and delivers specific advice with a light-hearted ease in her coaching sessions, making one feel reassured and understood. "

- Camilla Carboni, Best-Selling Author and Success Coach



"Kristie is an incredible, heart-centered coach.  She blends her compassion and empathy with direct insights and empowerment in a masterful way, and her commitment to excellence is inspiring!  If you have the opportunity to work with Kristie, jump at the chance, as she is well worth it!" 

-Susanna Esther,  Freedom Coach & Mindset Maven




“Kristie is a powerful coach that will help you to move your life in the direction of your dreams! Before working with Kristie I felt really overwhelmed with everything I wanted to accomplish. I knew what I wanted, but I couldn’t figure out how to get there. Working with Kristie is exactly what I needed to push me toward my goals. After working with her, I felt so much less anxiety and so much more confident! Kristie helped me believe in my own abilities to create the dream life I’ve always wanted. My life and business wouldn’t be the same without her!”

- Sarah Byrd, Mindfulness & Spirituality Coach




Kristie is a rockstar strategist about the things that MATTER in your business! Working with her has done wonders for pinpointing what things were holding me back, and the momentum I’ve experienced since, as a result, has been absolutely exhilarating!

If you are looking to really take your biz and life to the next level, she's your lady!!

 - Julie Griffin, Identity & Mindset Coach